Under the Island a 2D Action-RPG Announced for PC

Under the Island a 2D Action-RPG Announced for PC

Developer Slime King Games have announced a 90’s nostalgic inspired 2D Action-RPG called Under the Island.

Under the Island a 2D Action-RPG Announced for PC

Under the Island is an Action-RPG set in the fantasy world inspired by the 1990s, and has been announced by Slime King Games. The Steam page describes the game as a 2D Action-RPG about saving a small island. You take on the role of Nia, who must adventure through the deepest secrets of the island to stop it from sinking.

Along the way, you’ll fight monsters, solve puzzles and explore “the island’s complex ecosystem”. There are also the inhabitants of the island, and you can discover more about the ominous Ancient civilisation that once lived on the island before humans.

The game from the trailer looks to be inspired by games like Pokemon, and even more recent dungeon explorers like Stardew Valley.

You can find the key features of the game below:

  • Explore a huge interactive world full of surprises.
  • Each playthrough is different, depending on your play style.
  • Find unique artifacts and items that let you interact with the game world.
  • Beat the four main dungeons in any order you like.
  • Over 30 mini dungeons and caves.

Under the Island is being developed for PC via Steam.

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