Top RPG News Of The Week: March 7th (Diablo 2, Black Legend, Dungeons & Dragons and More!)

Top RPG News Of The Week: March 7th (Diablo 2, Black Legend, Dungeons & Dragons and More!)

Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher we’ve got you covered! Here’s a bite-sized version of the Top RPG news of the week. Taste all the latest news across the Fextralife Wiki Network.

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Genshin Impact

  • This week was the release of the newest banner for Genshin Impact, the Pyro polearm wielder Hu Tao, who will be available until March 16th.
  • Hu Tao joins the Moment of Bloom banner as the featured five star character, as per usual there are also boosted four star drop rates, this time for XianglingXingqui and Chonyun.
  • The weapon banner Epitome Invocation also features Hu Tao’s weapon, Staff of Homa which might be worth getting if you’re planning to get a polearm for this character.
  • There is also the next Story Quest which is called Papilo Charontis, introducing Hu Tao. You will need to be Adventure Rank 40 or above in order to access it.
  • Also this week is the livestream for update 1.4 which covers Condensed Resin maximum increase, Adventure Rank max, and World Level.
  • If you’re just starting out be sure to check our Genshin Impact Getting Started Guide. Be sure to drop by our Genshin Impact wiki for all the latest.

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Skyrim Board Game

  • Modiphius Entertainment the same board game developer behind the Elder Scrolls Call of Arms, are working on a new board game. They have announced their project The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Board Game, which will have its own campaign on GameFound.
  • The project which has not yet launched, shares a few details on the GameFound page, outlining the board game will be “an epic co-operative board game of adventure across Skyrim for 1-4 players”. Those interested in learning more can sign up for “design updates in the lead up to launch”.
  • If you haven’t heard of GameFound it’s an alternative crowdfunding site to Kickstarter, but concentrating on tabletop games.
  • So far there is no launch date for the campaign, but according to Polygon, Modiphius co-founder Chris Burch has shared that it is expected to go live in June 2021.

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Black Legend

  • The developer Warcarve have announced the turn-based strategy RPG Black Legend will be releasing on March 25th.
  • Black Legend follows a squad of Mercenaries into the city of Grant, to aid those struggling to resist the deadly cult of fanatics. The title is inspired by folklore and stories from 17th-century Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Players will use an alchemy-based system called Humorism, in which there are four different instabilities that can be combined to make a devastating Catalyst Attack. You can build and customise your teams using cross-class abilities as well as equipment.
  • Black Legend will release on March 25th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  • Last week Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on Playstation 5, and Yuffie Kisaragi. Now Square has shared more screenshots of Yuffie plus more about the character.
  • Some of the new info was also shared on the FF7 Remake official English Twitter account. But also details of the length of the episode were shared by game industry insider Nibel.
  • Yuffie can be seen in the screenshots wearing a Moogle hood, and the info shared explains she will use her skills as Wutai’s elite corp of ninja to get into Midgar.
  • As for how long the Yuffie episode will be, a Twitter post by Nibel shares that it will be two chapters. Currently the FF7 Remake is 18 chapters long. In this episode both Yuffie and Sonon are trying to steal the “ultimate Materia” from Shinra.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake is already available for PS4. The PS5 version will release on June 10, 2021. The Yuffie episode is an add-on coming to PS5 only.

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Magic Legends

  • The latest video released by developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment for upcoming Magic Legends, focuses on the challenges ahead in terms of gameplay difficulty and modifiers, called Enchantments.
  • The Action-RPG is based on the Wizard’s of the Coast’s strategy card game Magic: The Gathering, with an upcoming beta happening on March 23rd. In this video they share more about difficulty modifiers, which add further customisability to the game’s challenges. The video explains how Regional Enchantments and World Enchantments “offer players a great deal of choice and strategy when it comes to how they choose to play the game”.
  • There are four difficulty levels to choose from: Normal, Hard, Expert and Master. By default you will start off in Normal difficulty but you can unlock Hard, Expert and Master difficulties by reaching certain milestones during your playthrough.
  • Choosing the difficulty level will reflect upon a number of things, such as your class level, your Planeswalker level, spells and artifact ranks, gear progression as well as overall build synergy.
  • Safe to say there are a number of ways of customising your build as well as your playthrough, with over 25 risk/reward combinations at launch.
  • Magic: Legends will be holding their open beta on March 23rd, with sign ups now available on the official Players will also receive exclusive Skins when you login on Arc during the beta. If you’re curious to know what we thought of the game, be sure to check out our Magic: Legends Hands-On Impressions.

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Elder Scrolls Online

  • The Champion System is getting a shake-up on March 8th, with the new level cap now being raised to 3600 CP. This change comes with Update 29 – Flames of Ambition which was announced back in January.
  • Zenimax have released an overview of what this new system will look like, as part of the free update coming for all. There are also changes to armor weight, with adding bonuses and penalties.
  • Zenimax assures you’ll still be able to do the same content you able to before the update goes live, for example DLC dungeons at CP 300 will still be possible.
  • Ultimately the new system is about choices, while you choose certain advantages there will be trade-offs, similar to that of gear and your ability bar.
  • Currently as the constellation system stands, there are nine different constellations. However these will be reduced to three major groups, Warfare, Fitness and Craft.
  • In addition to new groups of Constellations, there is now a Constellation bar that is located at the top of the screen. This has 12 slots, with 4 dedicated to each Constellation group. Here you can add “special stars” which grant powerful boons. The aim of the addition of this bar is to provide great flexibility and variance between builds.
  • There is also a new in-game mini event called Heroes Reforged which will give players a chance to gain free respecs, plus a free pet. The event will go live along with Update 29 next week.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Flames of Ambition and Update 29 will release on March 8th for PC/Stadia, and on March 16th for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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Dungeons & Dragons

  • A new Dungeons & Dragons RPG is being developed by Hidden Path Entertainment according to a tweet announcing that they are hiring.
  • The developer Hidden Path recently posted on Twitter that they are in the process of hiring for a few positions for “a AAA, third-person, open-world fantasy RPG that will be taking place inside the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.”
  • No other details are given apart from that it’s a AAA title, and will be developed in Unreal Engine 4 according to the job post details. Hidden Path Entertainment is an independent development studio, who have worked on Counter Strike, Witchblood, and Age of Empires II HD Edition.
  • This project isn’t the only title RPG in the works that follows the Dungeons & Dragons type games, there is Baldur’s Gate 3 which is currently in Early Access, which recently added the Druid class. Then there is Dark Alliance, a four player co-op Action-RPG set in Icewind Dale and is expected to release sometime in 2021.

For more on this news find it here in A Dungeons & Dragon Set Open-World RPG Is In Development.

Wasteland 3

  • The upcoming Patch 1.3.3 for Wasteland 3 titled Death & Taxes will be releasing at the end of March. It will be bringing permadeath, an optional difficult skill checks mode, respeccing, new character customisation items, and a number of improvements and fixes to the game.
  • Wasteland 3 with permadeath means when your characters’ health reaches zero, they will die and cannot come back. Permadeath will only be coming to single-player mode according to inXile on the Wasteland 3’s Steam page.
  • Players should note once you opt-in for permadeath at the start of your game, you won’t be able to disable it. In a normal run of Wasteland 3, if your character reaches a downed state, you will have a certain number of rounds of combat before being able to bring them back to the battle.
  • In permadeath mode, any equipment they may carry will go to the local party’s shared inventory, so at least you won’t lose these items. If you lose all the members of your party though, it’s game over.
  • Wasteland 3 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you need some guides to help you on your adventure be sure to check out our Wasteland 3 Guides. Want to know what we thought of this game? Check out our Wasteland 3 Review: Baldur’s Gate Meets X-Com.

For more on this new find it here in Wasteland 3 Will Get Permadeath & More In Patch 1.3.3.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

  • If you’re looking forward to the Diablo 2 remaster, but afraid you will lose progress of the original, fear not, as Blizzard confirms you can carry on your adventure where you left off. The old save files of Diablo 2, will work with Diablo 2 Resurrected.
  • This new detail was confirmed by game producer Matthew Cederquist who shared with IGN Middle East, that this feature was actually a happy accident, rather than a planned feature.
  • While working on the remaster, they wondered “if the old save files would work”, and it turns out after giving it go they do.
  • Diablo 2 Resurrected will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X later in 2021. Also, a “technical alpha” is coming to PC soon, with sign-ups now open at

For more on this news you can find it here in Diablo 2: Resurrected Will Accept Old Save Files From The Original.

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