The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store

The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store

This Spring sale is weak. Many of these games are available new in physical for cheaper. Of course for a month long sale discounts won’t be deep. Beyond that, Sony’s awful decision to bury PS3 and Vita is a good reminder to watch your digital investments with PS4 and PS5. If there’s a PS6, all they have to do is change the controller and say, “No backwards compatibility this gen.” It does seem that they only offered backwards compatibility on PS5 as a selling point because of Xbox, not as a real feature they want to promote. This is sad considering the original PS3 was 100% backwards compatible and did a great job at enhancing PS1-2 titles. Then they dropped backwards compatibility and Xbox took off with it.

In the past I would happily buy a discounted digital title that I owned physical copy of for convenience and sometimes vice-versa. (Anyone else snag the massive Destroy All Humans C.E. set that retails for $399 for around $120 for PS4. If a C.E. doesn’t sell out prior to launch that means supply is not limited and they will get discounted deeply, especially the larger sets.) Anyway, going forward I have zero confidence in how Sony will treat these purchases, so that’s stopping. I’ll prefer physical over digital from now on with Playstation.

If you don’t own any PS3 and/or Vita/PSTV digital games, you probably don’t get it at the moment. However, plenty of us do. Sony abandoned PS3 and Vita and their customers. Last summer, for example, publishers wanted to keep releasing on Vita, but Sony said no. Think about that. Vitas and PSTVs were years out of being produced, and publishers (and Sony) were still making money off of new games. The writing is on the wall for how Sony will handle consoles that they retire and it’s not pretty.

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