The best gaming PC in 2021

The best gaming PC in 2021

The best gaming PC is your clearest path to the latest and greatest graphics cards and processors right now. With stock being so limited for the DIY crowd it’s worth noting that system builders often have another route to CPUs and GPUs, making full systems a genuinely viable option for an Nvidia RTX 3080 or AMD RX 5900X. That means no waiting around until May for stock to return.

Best gaming laptops

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If you prefer gaming on-the-go, you’ll want to take a look at our best gaming laptop guide.

While we are absolutely proponents of DIY PC building, the best gaming PC doesn’t have to be the one you put together with your own two hands, there’s a lot to be said for getting a professional outfit to do the hard work for you. It’s the easiest way into PC gaming and means you can forgo the potential hassle of part-matching, tech-sourcing, and putting the whole damned thing together.

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