Gothic Remake New Details

Gothic Remake New Details

Today Gothic celebrates its 20th anniversary with the Steam page now live for the Gothic Remake.

Gothic Remake New Details

New details have emerged for the upcoming Gothic Remake which is being published by THQ Nordic and developed by Alkimia Interactive. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original game, new details and screenshots have been shared about the Action-RPG.

The Steam page is now live which lists both developer Alkimia Interactive and publisher THQ Nordic. The page also details that the remake will stay faithful to the original Gothic 1, but will now include a “modernized combat system”. There are also new screenshots that show off some of the environments and in-game graphics.

Gothic 1 is a classic open-world action-RPG that was released back in 2001 about an orcish invasion into human lands in the kingdom of Myrtana.

Last year THQ releases a playable teaser demo for the Gothic Remake back in February was release on Steam, which was well received by fans convincing the publisher to move forward with producing a full-fledged remake of the game. Overall participants gave the playable teaser high scores, meaning a pretty good response and a clear go-ahead signal for THQ.

Gothic 1 Remake so far doesn’t have a release window, but THQ Nordic have stated it will be coming to “PC and Next-Gen consoles”.

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