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Watch Dogs: Legion Review – IGN

After decades of running over pedestrians by the dozen in open-world action games without a second thought, it’s actually a little bit unsettling to think that each of them might have unique talents and even the potential to be a hero. Not so much that I drive more carefully or anything, but after playing Watch […]

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Lair of the Clockwork God hits PS4 November 6

I tell you what everyone needs right now: a good old fashioned end-of-the-world apocalypse story. And whew boy is that exactly what we have here for you today. It’s weird, making video games. I’ve never been one to just make another variant on a game you’ve already played, I’ve always been interested in doing something […]

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The Red Lantern Review – A Therapeutic And Immersive Adventure That Lets You Pet Dogs

Picture inviting snow-packed mountains, a continuously evolving Alaskan skyline, and the best canine companions a person could ever hope for. That’s exactly what Timberline Studio’s The Red Lantern has to offer with its immersive, story-driven, roguelite survival game. Even if survival games don’t typically draw you in, The Red Lantern offers a magic that supersedes […]

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